You can use the Matrix homeserver by pointing any Matrix client at the homeserver also accepts Matrix user registrations via the client of your choice.

It is important to understand that Matrix is a federated protocol, and so you have your choice of homeservers to register with and you can still communicate with users or join rooms on any homeserver. Users and rooms which reside on will have full names in the form of or

Multiple Matrix clients are available, with Riot for web, desktop, and mobile being the best known. A more complete list of clients is available from the Matrix project.

The homeserver was recently reinstalled on the webplex interserver in a somewhat more sane fashion that should result in fewer outages due to upgrade issues.

  • Due to some apparent memory leaks, there may be a brief downtime once a week or so due to restarts - typically early Sunday morning, mountain time.

Please direct any support issues to or