Social Services


stable is a homeserver for the Matrix federated instant messaging protocol. Direct your client at homeserver, or use the web client. You can register an account on this homeserver using any client that supports registration. See more information, including current known issues, at Matrix.


stable runs an instance of the open-source, federated microblogging system Mastodon at


testing, members only users also have email access with addresses, and IMAP and SMTP are available along with webmail.

Members can get more documentation here, and there is webmail.

Mailing lists

stable provides mailing lists, some of which can be publicly browser at Members can have lists created for their own purposes.


Experimental also operates a VoIP telephone service for some members. If you know a member's extension, you can reach them by calling the switchboard at (575) 223-0350 or (866) 366-1967 toll free. Other capabilities of this system include “calling-card” long-distance calls and teleconferencing.

More info here.

Computer Services


stable, members only

Members have SSH and Mosh access to, running recent Debian Linux with a wide variety of software installed. A particular feature to note is systemd user units, which allow users to run daemons managed by systemd under their own accounts. also has 1TB of storage and more will be added in the future.

Members can get more documentation here.


stable, members only

Members are automatically set up with OpenVPN, which allows both secure access to the internet (protecting you from e.g. public WiFi networks) and direct access to other members connected to the VPN (e.g. for older LAN multiplayer video games). The VPN service is quite fast and respects your privacy.

Members can get more documentation here.

Web hosting

stable, members only

If you are a member, the contents of your ~/www will be served at Soon, user home directories will also be available (as always, with SSL) at PHP is supported automatically.

Hosting for other domains and of web applications other than PHP can be arranged by request, email

Members can get more documentation here.