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 ====== User Information ====== ====== User Information ======
-Note: some of these URLs might change as the migration finishes, basically iron.waffle.tech is just a temporary way to get to the new machine and will be replaced by just waffle.tech once the main webserver is totally moved over.+**Migration to the new machine is still only half-complete, so not everything is here yet and you should check the known issues section.**
 ===== Services ===== ===== Services =====
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   * [[users:IPAM|IPAM]]   * [[users:IPAM|IPAM]]
 +===== Known Issues =====
 +  * Website auth (this website) is not against LDAP yet, due to some configuration issues.
 +  * The mail server has occasionally been very slow due to filesystem performance issues. This seems to be fixed but I'm not counting my chicks yet.
 +  * The Kubernetes environment needs some polish so that it's more usable - e.g. a way of distributing keys for kubectl.
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