The Waffle Club

The Waffle Club was operated by Jesse Crawford from Fall 2011 to Fall 2014 or so. The following are various bits of Waffle Club memorabilia.

This shirt was sold in Spring 2013 or so. Art by Andre Infante, lettering by Jesse Crawford, based on WWII propaganda.

This shirt was for the 2013-2014 academic year and was also sold in 2013, but in Fall, if memory serves. Same exact sources. Note that the use of two colors on the front stole the gold from the back - we're not made of money.

Most writing produced by the Waffle Club was mandatory, paperwork prepared for the Student Association in order to secure funding. See, for example, the 2013 Constitution, which is generally representative of the Waffle Club. A funding application for the Rave provides some representative statistics on the scale of the Waffle Club.

“Poster 1”, originally designed in 2012.

And as a PDF, “Poster 2,” designed likely in 2013 as a parody of a posting by the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship directing people to their various bible groups.