The Shipman Archive

Shipman was an almost unending source of stories, most of which were told via IRC, where he was known as “groot” and later “rar*” (the asterisk here representing a wildcard, as he would change the suffix according to his whim).


Shipman kept a personal homepage with extensive information, including stories, birding notes, and restaurant reviews, at There is a possibility that the NMT IT department (formerly known as the TCC, by which Shipman was employed for many years) might remove Shipman's accounts or, perhaps more likely, the aging user homepage server “infohost” might finally be taken out of service. To guard against these possibilities, Shipman's personal website is mirrored here.

Most links are relative and work properly. Shipman's homegrown Python CMS “webstyler” produced some absolute links, though, and these may not work properly. They will hopefully be corrected in the future.

Shipman's personal homepage

You might also want to review his blog, which is more safely hosted at Blogspot.